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Site Policy

The contents of the website (hereafter called the “Site”) of Fujibo Holdings, Inc. and its subsidiaries (hereafter called the “Group”) are provided by the Group on the condition that users observe the following conditions (hereafter called the “Terms of Use”). By using this Site, you acknowledge your agreement with these Terms. From time to time, the Group may revise the Terms without prior notification. Any revisions of the Terms will be posted, and notification will be made, on the Site. When you access the Site for the first time after any such revisions, you acknowledge your agreement with the revised Terms.

1. Copyright

The Group is the owner of all copyrights, trademark rights and other intellectual property rights of the information as a whole, as well as in specific documents, images and programs (hereafter called the “Documents”) provided on the site unless otherwise provided for. These works are protected by the copyright laws of each nation, as well as through treaties and other laws. You may view and print contents from this site for non–commercial, personal use only. Using the contents for any other purpose (including copying, modification, analysis, public transmission, transfer, lending, licensing or use for commercial purposes) without the prior written consent of the Group is prohibited by law. However, if any other condition is established separately in a document, such condition prevails.
For personal use, you may display, copy or print the content, on the basis that it is not used in an environment where a third party can view it or not used for any commercial purpose. However, you may not modify the content. If any individual condition is presented, such condition prevails.

2. Prohibition

The following actions are prohibited when using this website:

  1. 1 ) Actions that do or may infringe upon the assets or privacy of a third party or the Group
  2. 2 )  Actions that do or may inflict harm or losses on a third party or the Group
  3. 3 )  Actions that are or may be offensive to public order and morals
  4. 4 ) Criminal acts or any actions that do or may lead to criminal acts
  5. 5 ) False declaration or notification including the registration of the e-mail address of another individual
  6. 6 )  Commercial activities, profit-oriented activities or any preparatory actions for such purposes
  7. 7 )  Actions that defame or tarnish the credibility of a third party or the Group
  8. 8 ) Actions that do or may use or provide computer viruses or other harmful programs
  9. 9 ) Other actions that do or may violate laws, ordinances and regulations
  10. 10 )  Other actions the Group deems inappropriate

3. Links

The Group refuses any links from sites such as those listed below:

  • -Sites that contain content which defames or impugns the credibility of the Group.
  • -Sites that contain content which does or may infringe upon public order and standards of decency and are or may be illegal, or sites of organizations whose purpose or activities are or may be those noted above.

The content of any third party websites linking to the Site or any third party websites linked from the Site (hereafter called the “Linked Sites”) are controlled under the responsibility of each party. Follow the terms of use of each Linked Site when used. The Group assumes no responsibility for the content of or damage caused by the use of such sites.

4. Handling Personal Information

On the Site, the Group handles personal information of the users in accordance with the Privacy Policy. For details, see the Privacy Policy. When we ask you to provide personal information, we make the utmost effort to protect it through Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology as a security measure for sending and receiving information and preventing it from being leaked on the Internet. If you require the disclosure, correction or suspension of use of the personal information, contact us from the Inquiry page.

5. E-mail and Inquiry Form

The Group assumes no obligation to reply to correspondence sent from a user to the Site via e-mail or inquiry forms, and no responsibility for damage caused by any response. The Group reserves the right to use the information, question, proposal or data/document sent to the Site in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

6. Limitation of Liability

Although the utmost care has been taken in preparing the information contained in the Site, the Group does not guarantee its credibility or safety. In no event shall the Group be liable for any damage arising as a result of the use of this Site or the information on the Site. The Group reserves the right to change or delete the contents and suspend or terminate the Site itself without prior notice. Note that the Group is not liable for any outcome resulting from the aforementioned modifications for any reason.

7. Governing Laws

The use of the Site and the interpretation and application of the Terms are governed by the laws of Japan unless otherwise provided for.