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Other Business
(Chemical Product Business)

The Fujibo Group has focused on the development of the chemical product business as the fourth pillar of our company alongside the polishing pad business, chemical industrial product business, and lifestyle apparel business. Now, we have earned great trust as a source of chemical equipment components from globally pre-eminent manufacturers of high-end digital cameras and medical equipment. We will continue to aim for further growth with a commitment for the development of new technologies.

The Fujibo Group is further increasing the sophistication of its high-precision plastic molding technology. For example, a coating line was newly set for an integrated production system with plastic molding. We work to satisfy our business partners with our competitive edge by responding quickly to every aspect of molding and painting concerning production, quality, delivery, and development. We work to make business profitable by, for example, improving processes through close communication with business partners to respond to the rapidly changing needs of recent years.

Injection molding machine
(Finished product exit process)

Catheter parts

New core business to be created with business partners

Chemical product business displaying world-class quality

  • Before coating. After coating.
  • Before coating. After coating.

Fujibo Textile Oita Factory has established a coating line to achieve an integrated production system from molding to painting. This in-house painting system enables us to provide our higher value-added products very quickly.

  • One-piece molding combining different materials
    with a dual-color injection molding machine

    Molded parts combining different materials with a dual-color injection molding machine. Semi-transparent resin. Opaque resin.

    To meet the needs of business partners, we introduced a dual-color injection-molding machine to mold different materials to make one part. We are contributing to the achievement of high performance and high reliability of the product with in-depth discussions and collaborative work from the development stage.

  • Further growth using
    quality as leverage

    The highest quality is required for the materials of high-end digital cameras and medical equipment. To obtain customer satisfaction, rigorous quality checks are conducted, resulting in the high evaluation of stable quality.