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President's Message

Thank you for visiting
the website of Fujibo Holdings, Inc.

Mitsuo Nakano

Representative Director, Chairman & President
Fujibo Holdings, Inc.

Even in the ever-changing global economy, Japan’s cutting-edge industries with proven technological capabilities have never lost their luster. The Fujibo Group has established a firm position as a company that supports a variety of other companies that play an active part on the global stage, based on the innovative spirit that has been passed on since the establishment of the company.

While having focused on the textile business, in which we have a history over a century as our foundation, we have expanded our domain to various fields including IT, biotechnology and medical and industrial materials, establishing our technologies and products. Based on these achievements, we are again creating new business for further expansion.

To help Japanese industries develop on a global basis and help people enjoy comfortable and spiritually rich lives, the Fujibo Group will explore the frontiers at the dawn of a new era and devote ourselves to our research to take a step toward the future.