About Us

The Fujibo Group will support various companies that play an active part on the global stage, based on the innovative spirit that has passed on since its foundation.


Leading the future with high value organic materials technology

We will always support leading-edge industry development by providing new technologies and products, capitalizing on our technology and experience cultivated over more than a century of Fujibo's history. In this way, we are committed to realizing a more prosperous and sustainable future for people, society, and the global environment.

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Creating new businesses to reach new heights

The Fujibo Group will continue to challenge the future with a frontier spirit, always keeping an eye on the coming of a new era, so that Japanese industry can develop globally and people can enjoy comfort and spiritual enrichment.

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Corporate Overview

We will continue to expand our business with a global perspective and Japanese quality recognized around the world.


Here is Fujibo's history and achievements over the last 120 years in changing times.