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Polishing Pad Business

Advanced technology for high-precision polishing of IT devices essential for IoT (Internet of Things) which is ever more important in the modern society. What makes this possible is our technology for producing quality–stable high-performance polishing pads. Fujibo produces world-class, high-grade polishing pads from our technologies and product development spirit that have been cultivated over the years. Its polishing pads business started in Nyugawa, Ehime Prefecture, and has now expanded and been growing into three factories, adding Oyama in Shizuoka Prefecture and Kozakai in Aichi Prefecture, and will keep on evolving for further growth, taking the leading role of Fujibo Group.

The polishing pad business proudly generates the highest profit in the Group through the manufacture and sales of POLYPAS®, polishing pads for precision work, which are used for processing the high-quality LCD glass essential for the production of rapidly evolving smartphones, tablet terminals, and even high-definition 4K LCD televisions, hard disks for storage devices, silicon wafers for semiconductor substrates, and multilayer wiring substrates of semiconductor devices. The business is strong in the field of higher-grade polishing pads used in the production of LED substrates, power semiconductor devices, and for Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP), which are essential for the production of large-scale integrated circuits. We will support the rapidly growing IT and related industries by adapting and using sophisticated technology to meet customer demand.

Responding flexibly to the rapidly expanding and changing market with high technological capabilities

  • The third production base, Kozakai Factory

    Kozakai Factory, the third production base after Nyugawa Headquarters Factory and Oyama Factory, boasts high productivity using the latest equipment to provide polishing pads of consistently high quality.

  • Powerful and flexible production system

    Our enhanced production capacity of three factories Nyugawa, Oyama, and Kozakai, and the expertise in process management make us to create a flexible production system to promptly respond to detailed orders from users.

  • Establishment of the template production line

    Striving to improve the production capacity at the new Kozakai Factory, we established a template production line to cope with future increases in demand as essential equipment for polishing power semiconductors and LED substrates.

  • Customized for a variety of applications

    To meet the polishing performance expectations of users, we make the most of our expertise and research and development capabilities cultivated through a number of cases to provide unique polishing pads that meet all customization needs.

  • Higher-quality CMP polishing

    Demand for polishing pads for CMP polishing, which will minimize irregularities and is essential for large-scale integrated circuits, has remained strong, so we have actively promoted the research and development of higher grade polishing pads.

  • Well-developed quality control system

    To ensure a stable supply of high-quality polishing pads, we perform thorough quality inspections using excellent measuring instruments to achieve a level of quality that is unsurpassed by competitors.