Polishing Pad Business

Extremely precise polishing processes are essential for advanced products such as semiconductor devices,
and Fujibo Ehime's ultra-high precision polishing pads make this possible.


Ultra-high precision polishing pads which support the coming of an IoT (Internet of Things) society

Our polishing pads have high market share in many precision polishing pad fields, including: LCD glass essential for smartphones, tablets and LCD TVs, hard disks for storage devices, and silicon wafers for semiconductor substrates and semiconductor devices. The Polishing pads business started in Nyugawa, Ehime Prefecture, and has now expanded into five plants, adding: Oita in Oita Prefecture, with Oyama in Shizuoka Prefecture, Kozakai in Aichi Prefecture and Tainan in Taiwan. As a core business of the Fujibo Group, it will continue to develop its overwhelming production capacity and the organization system where sales, development, manufacturing and quality assurance departments work together to provide products and services.


  • Customization

    We provide polishing pads that meet customer demand by sales, development, manufacturing and quality assurance departments working together to understand customer needs and develop products.

  • R&D

    Our R&D capability with our analysis and polishing evaluating technologies developed through many years of experience enables us to provide products that meet customer demand.

  • Production

    We have the highest manufacturing capacity of polishing pads in the industry with 5 plants (4 in Japan and 1 in Taiwan) which enables us to completely follow the BCP.

01. Customization

"User in customization"
to always meet user requests

Our Advantage - 01. Customization

Our Advantage - Customization

Achievement as a specialist in development of polishing pads

The Fujibo Group has R&D achievements in almost all applications of polishing pads and satisfies customer needs with accumulated expertise and flexible customization.

Our Advantage - Customization

Provision of solutions as a team

Our sales, development, manufacturing and quality assurance departments all work together to solve customers' issues and problems and to provide the best products and services to meet their needs.

02. R&D Capability

R&D system to sufficiently meet customer needs

Our Advantage - 02. R&D Capability

Our Advantage - R&D Capability

R&D system with cutting-edge polishing evaluation facilities

We have introduced state-of-the-art polishing evaluation facilities to achieve polishing performance that customers demand. It enables us to propose solutions by replicating and verifying the polishing evaluation processes implemented by our customers.

Our Advantage - R&D Capability

R&D from customer's viewpoint

Our sales, development, manufacturing and quality assurance departments work together to understand customer needs more accurately and develop products and to provide customers with services.

03. Production Capacity

5 plants in and outside Japan with the highest scale in the industry

Our Advantage - 03. Production Capacity

Our Advantage - Production Capacity

Production system with 4 plants in Japan and 1 plant outside Japan for BCP

The Oita Plant was completed in 2020 in addition to Tainan Plant to meet growing customer demands. We make full use of our exceptional production capacity with 5 plants to lead the industry in observing BCP.

Our Advantage - Production Capacity

Well-established production facilities to enable development and manufacturing of a wide variety of polishing pads

We can quickly provide fully-customized polishing pads by our integrated production system covering from development to manufacturing of polishing pads.

Our Advantage - Production Capacity

Clean environments which supports high quality

The Group uses various measuring equipment in clean rooms and has materialized high-level quality control that meets ISO9001 standards. At the same time, we have obtained ISO14001 certification and improved our environment management system.




  • (01)
    Entering new fields and shift to aggressive patenting
    We reinforce our marketing and accurately determine new markets, future growth potential and direction in the long-term, and expand our business as a comprehensive polishing pad manufacturer beyond just precision polishing pads and create new business by taking advantage of a "shift from defensive to aggressive patent strategy."
  • (02)
    Acceleration and improvement
    We accumulate knowledge and experience in manufacturing of polishing pads to improve analysis and polishing evaluation technologies, and whereby
    we can become faster and better and will propose new polishing pads and polishing process at the best timing for customers and market needs.
  • (03)
    Stable production system
    With five locations in and outside of Japan, we've created a reliable production system. We put more people in the rapidly growing polishing pad business and invest in development of the personnel.



POLYPAS® polishing pad is designed for ultra-high precision polishing of silicon wafers and other materials including all semiconductor materials, metals and glasses.