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Embracing Innovation and Achieving Disruptive Growth

Embracing Innovation in a Highly Uncertain Business Environment

Having set Henshin (Transformation) as its top management priority under the Medium-term Management Plan “Zokyo 21-25” (Increase and Strengthen), the Company has been working to achieve operating profit of ¥10 billion by FY2025. This entails improving profitability through a shift to high profit businesses, strengthening and increasing earning power, and aiming to serve as the No. 1 player in a niche segment chosen by customers.

Currently, the world is exhibiting signs of economic recovery as a trajectory toward containment of the COVID-19 pandemic ensues. However, the outlook remains uncertain amid factors that include persisting inflation with resource and energy prices remaining at high levels against a backdrop of deteriorating global affairs. In addition, the increasing severity of climate change issues that include regular occurrence of heatwaves, droughts, massive forest fires, and flooding due to torrential rains suggests the need to return to fundamentals in order to address these concerns. Moreover, companies are expected to disclose non-financial information that warrants the trust of all stakeholders particularly given a scenario where disclosure of information related to sustainability (responding to climate change, human capital, diversity, etc.) in annual securities reports has become mandatory effective from the fiscal year ended March 31, 2023.

As such, whereas substantial uncertainty is bound to persist when it comes to the business environment surrounding companies, Fujibo will strengthen its sustainability management practices toward achieving objectives of its Medium-term Management Plan “Zokyo 21-25”(Increase and Strengthen), which will entail embracing innovation while closely monitoring world affairs and economic trends.

Promoting Sustainability Management

As part of its sustainability promotion efforts, the Company actively engages in initiatives that entail reducing its environmental loads and enhancing work-life balance in looking toward addressing issues of the environment, society, and governance relevant to its business processes. Our initiatives in FY2022 have primarily involved promoting efforts to address the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), promoting health and productivity management taking into account employee safety and well-being, establishing workplace environments that empower women, and promoting support for balancing careers with childcare and nursing care.

First, we have taken steps on the environmental front to address the TCFD recommendations. We have calculated Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions, thus enhancing the visualization of our supply chain emissions. We also engaged in initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that have entailed seeking to reduce environmental loads through use of renewable energy with Yanai Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.’s establishment of a new warehouse featuring a Net Zero Energy Building (Net ZEB) design.

Next on the social front, we have been promoting human capital management practices by fostering a culture that empowers a diverse range of human resources, premised on the notion that innovation stems from where employees equipped with diverse traits fully unleash their individual strengths. Having established our Health and Productivity Management Declaration in September 2022, we have been promoting employee health management and were recognized under the large enterprise category of the 2023 Certified Health and Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations Recognition Program in March 2023. Meanwhile, we have been appointing women to management positions at our plants including those of Fujibo Ehime Co., Ltd. under our efforts to facilitate career development for encouraging involvement in management among our female employees. We have also been implementing work style reforms by which we have been proceeding with initiatives to elevate employee productivity and motivation by harnessing DX tools to reshape individual employee attitudes and approaches with respect how they do their jobs.

Finally on the corporate governance front, we stringently engage in risk management through ongoing compliance with laws and regulations, social norms, ethics, and internal regulations. Going forward, we seek to maximize shareholder value by strengthening our internal control functions to ensure reliability of our sustainability information, pursuing management efficiency while also ensuring transparency and soundness of our sustainability information.

We will strengthen our sustainability management practices as we hold to our commitment of maintaining harmony with our communities, society, and the global environment going forward. In so doing, we will contribute to development of a sustainable recycling-based society with the aim of serving as a company that gains the trust of its stakeholders.

Fujibo Holdings, Inc.
Representative Director and President