Lifestyle Apparel Business

The Lifestyle Apparel Business has expanded its field from yarns to textile and apparel
in response to the rapidly-changing Japanese industries.


Unique business development covering original yarn, dyeing processing and production and sales of apparel

We have expanded the Lifestyle Apparel Business to every corner of the textile business keeping the craftsmanship and commitment to quality, nurtured as our founding business. The Textile Department develops materials, mainly functional fibers, pursuing high added value and originality and provides dyeing processing technology to realize customers' ideas and requests. Meanwhile, the Apparel Department develops the B.V.D. brand, which is internally produced from original yarn and provides quality products.


  • Originality

    Under the slogan of "turning ideas into textiles," we create various special fibers and functional fibers, such as stainless fiber that makes use of technologies accumulated through fiber spinning, and luminous fiber developed by our original technologies.

  • Technology

    We provide a variety of high-value added fiber materials with high functionality and sensitivity by making use of fiber spinning and dyeing processing technologies cultivated over many years.

  • Brand

    B.V.D., a licensed brand, has delivered strong business results supported by its high popularity. Also, high-end products, such as "Asamerry" and "Airmerry," are recognized as high-quality products and are popular products supported with repeat customers.

01. Originality

Capability to develop original functional fibers

Our Advantage - 01. Originality

Our Advantage - Originality

Achievements in the development of products based on original ideas such as luminous fibers

We have developed special synthetic fibers and functional fibers created from original ideas, such as "JOINER," a low melting filament with strong bonding strength to a variety of materials, "Lumifilo/Lumifilo Neo," a luminous fiber that absorbs light energy from sunlight, fluorescent light or other light sources, and then emits a light in the dark for many hours, and "UV Magic," a yarn of which color appears when UV light hit on it.

Our Advantage - Originality

Provision of original materials in small batch or in short delivery time

In order to develop materials according to various customer needs, we can flexibly respond to small orders for production and short delivery times.

02. Technology

Spinning and dyeing processing technologies

Our Advantage - 02. Technology

Our Advantage - Technology

Advanced spinning and dyeing processing technologies

We take advantage of our spinning and dyeing processing technologies developed over many years to provide a variety of quality fiber materials that meet consumer needs for "comfort," "good texture," "cleanliness" and "cool and warm feeling."

Our Advantage - Technology

Textiles used for luxury brands

Textiles manufactured by dyeing processing at Fujibo Textile's Wakayama Factory have high quality and are used by domestic and international luxury apparel brands.

03. Brand

Strong brand business

Our Advantage - 03. Brand

Our Advantage - Brand

The B.V.D. brand manufactured under the strict production system

We have built a production system of B.V.D. with traceability ensured by integrated manufacturing from spinning of yarn to sewing at our own factories.

Our Advantage - Brand

Further developing B.V.D. brand

The B.V.D brand, which is well-known for its underwear, is growing by launching online sales on our own e-commerce website and expanding product lines to include female's and outerwear items.

Our Advantage - Brand

Popular high-end products including "Asamerry" and "Airmerry"

Our high-end items, such as "Asamerry" and "Airmerry," are known for their high quality and are popular Fujibo Group own brand products with repeat consumers.


  • (01)
    Focusing on sales on own EC website
    Our Apparel Department focuses on online sales such as "B.V.D. Online Store" and "ANGLE Online Shop" to expand its sales. We will continue to create a business model that shifts towards omnichannel commerce.
  • (02)
    Development of original products including high-sensitive products and B.V.D. Heavy Weight
    B.V.D. is a national brand that has been loved by many since its establishment in 1876. We also sell "B.V.D. Heavy Weight" series as 'tough and rough' casual wear for adults only through online sales.
  • (03)
    Business expansion in non-apparel fields
    We have taken advantage of our original functional fibers to expand business to non-apparel fields, including nonwoven fabric, filers, carpets. luminous ropes, curtains, fishing nets, mats and toys.


Product Information

We offer a wide variety of fiber materials with high functionality and sensitivity.