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Lifestyle Apparel Business

More than 120 years have passed since our textile business ‒ the ancestral business of the Fujibo Group ‒ was initiated in Oyama, Shizuoka facing sacred Mt. Fuji. In step with the rapid expansion of Japanese industries, we have expanded our textile business from spinning to textiles and apparel. We are also committed to establishing a new field named “textile solution business,” which goes beyond the existing business model and realizes user product visions, based on our unconventional ideas and technological capabilities cultivated over the years.

The Textile Department develops products that secure reliable profit by the development of functional fibers and discovery of consumer needs promptly through the relationship with business partners. The Apparel Department has strengthened the sales force through the expansion of sales channels with daring combinations without sticking to the existing product channels. With this enhancement, Apparel Department‘s operating ratios for raw yarn, dyeing processing, and other elements in the Manufacturing Departments have increased. Meanwhile, the Apparel Department has improved their profit margins in the integrated production system within the Group. We will continue to transform our fiber business towards higher profitability and excellence for the entire Group.

An efficient business structure was established comprehensively covering processes from raw yarn and dyeing, to the production and sales of apparel products

  • Advanced spinning and processing technologies

    Using our spinning and fiber processing technologies developed over the years, we create new materials having a soft, smooth, and pleasant feel, in addition to highly functional materials that specifically realize comfort, a good texture, and warm-cool feeling.

  • Strong popularity of high-end products

    The Fujibo Group products including Asamerry and Airmerry have been recognized as high quality, high-end products backed by long-term repeat orders.

  • Steady licensed brand business

    Sales of Fujibo Apparel’s B.V.D. is more brisk. Business is steady supported by its high popularity.

  • Featured B.V.D. Ladies

    B.V.D. Ladies has a good reputation from active women for comfortable clothes to wear and is contributing to the acquisition of new markets from everyday life to sports.

  • New Sales Channels /
    Online Shopping

    Apparel Department has focused on the more profitable online business for successful sales growth. We will continue to capture market demand directly and strive to expand sales by developing shops promptly.

  • Quality control ensuring higher customer satisfaction

    High quality and added value are ensured in our original brand products. To say nothing of high-end products, all our products are produced under rigorous quality control both in Japan and abroad.