Industrial Chemicals Business

Industrial Chemicals Business trusted by major chemical manufacturers
as a contract manufacturer of fine chemical intermediates.


Open new possibilities of chemical synthesis with technologies

With our expertise in organic synthesis cultivated over many years, the Fujibo Group's Industrial Chemicals Business is growing significantly through a contract base to manufacture organic synthesis intermediates, such as raw materials for medicines, agricultural chemicals, electronic materials and functional chemicals commissioned by leading chemical manufacturers. We have obtained a high reputation from customers by quality-focused and low-volume manufacturing of a wide variety of products.
We have reinforced the production capacity of our Yanai Headquarters Plant and Takefu Plant to enable us to deal with more diversified synthesis reactions to meet customer demands. We've created a production system that allows us to respond to customer needs quickly and flexibly.


  • Flexibility

    Our strength lies in small and medium lot production of newly developed products, and are able to quickly meet customer demands. We do this by individually managing the production line by order, for peak quality control.

  • Variety

    We have synthesized 400 or more compounds at the requests of leading chemical manufacturers and obtained a high reputation from customers due to our accumulated expertise.

  • Capacity

    We have expanded the Yanai Headquarters Plant and reinforced the facilities at the Takefu Plant to provide customers with products with a more developed production system.

01. Flexibility

System to flexibly and quickly meet customer needs

Our Advantage - 01. Flexibility

Our Advantage - Flexibility

Organization emphasizing responsiveness

Our manufacturing department itself deals with customers and collectively manages orders to production and quality control. We speedily respond to customer requests.

Our Advantage - Flexibility

Flexible operations by experienced engineers

Our experienced engineers who have dealt with a variety of chemical reactions carry out operations by making full use of their expertise and experience. Pursue the quality demanded by customers.

02. Variety

A great variety of synthesis technologies developed with leading chemical manufacturers

Our Advantage - 02. Variety

Our Advantage - Variety

Production system to adapt to a wide variety of reaction conditions

We own 97 units of the latest reaction equipment at the Yanai Headquarters Plant and the Takefu Plant in total, and can adapt to various reaction conditions and a wide range of temperature.

Our Advantage - Variety

Well-developed inspection system to ensure high quality

We conduct 24-hour quality inspections, including process analyses and product analyses. We have established a system to simultaneously conduct various product-specific quality inspections of many products at each process.

03. Capacity

Well-established production facilities

Our Advantage - 03. Capacity

Our Advantage - Capacity

Robust production system with two bases at Yanai and Takefu

We have established a production system that can respond to customer orders using our two bases, the Yanai Headquarters Plant and the Takefu Plant.

Our Advantage - Capacity

Expansion of plant facilities to meet increased demand

We have made an additional capital investment in the Yanai Headquarters Plant and the Takefu Plant to meet the steadily growing market. We will further reinforce our manufacturing facilities and utility equipment to provide customers with products that have a more-established production system.




  • (01)
    Enhancement of production capacity of the Yanai Headquarters Plant
    We will build a new plant in the Yanai Headquarters Plant to further enhance its production capacity.
  • (02)
    Reinforcement of manufacturing facilities and development of human resources
    With a view to build a new plant, we are reinforcing manufacturing facilities and developing and increasing human resources.
  • (03)
    Keeping up with high-value added products that go ahead of the times
    We will manufacture high-value added products by expanding the fine chemical field.