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Chemical Industrial Product Business

Yanai Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., in Yanai-City, Yamaguchi, which had once supplied raw materials to the Nyugawa Factory in Ehime for the production of rayon, has now changed to the production site for fine chemical intermediates essential for the production of raw materials for medicines, agricultural chemicals, electronic materials, and functional chemicals, being relied on by major chemical manufacturers as a center of the business for chemical product industry. The company has increased production sites, made active investment in plant and equipment and improved its production capability, in order to respond to steady market demands. It has grown into a core business segment driving the Fujibo Group with its highly profitable results, and is promised further growth in the future.

With our expertise in organic synthesis cultivated over many years, our chemical industrial product business is growing significantly through a contract base to manufacture organic synthesis intermediates, such as raw materials for medicines, agricultural chemicals, electronic materials, and functional chemicals commissioned by leading chemical manufacturers. By leveraging high quality and high-mix, low-volume quick production, we have gained an excellent reputation. Through the construction of Yanai Second Factory, which is equipped with facilities that enable increasingly diversified synthesis reactions, followed by the acquisition of a new factory at Takefu and the expansion of the Yanai Headquarters Factory, we have achieved a further increase in production capacity. And we have established a production system to meet the needs of our customers, flexibly and speedily.

A specialist in fine chemical intermediates continuing to progress based on customer trust

  • Further growing Yanai Headquarters Factory

    Originally, our chemical industrial product business started as a niche operation of the industry, but we newly acquired land adjacent to the Yanai Headquarters Factory and developed facilities to meet increasing customer needs. Thus we are growning successfully.

  • Robust production system with two bases

    The Fujibo Group established production systems to meet the short delivery times for customer orders in terms of production volumes and location by taking full advantage of two factories, Yanai Headquarters Factory, which has doubled its production capability and the Takefu Factory.

  • Takefu Factory reinforcing facilities

    To be in line with the steady expansion of the market, the Takefu Factory will further expand its facilities and increase production capacity to realize a robust production system that can accommodate new orders.

  • New equipment extending the range of synthesis reaction

    New equipment has enabled us to produce heat-labile compounds. We will aim to actively secure new users by meeting increasingly diversified needs.

  • Inspection system to ensure high quality

    Thorough quality inspections are conducted where necessary in the production process, and we have a strong reputation among our customers, who require reliable quality, for the tight tolerances of our chemical industrial products.

  • Production system with an emphasis on responsiveness

    With our people having expertise and long experience, and capable of collectively managing from sales to process management and quality control, we have achieved a production system that can respond to urgent cases requiring an immediate response.