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A wide variety of environmental activities and contribution to communities, including the installation of environmentally-friendly drainage facilities and preservation of scenery

The Fujibo Group started to make environmental efforts early on in its history. As early as 1971, we strived to save energy and reduce industrial waste in each workplace. On June 28, 2007, we established and continue to operate an environmental measures committee that consists of executives, as well as an environmental measures project that consists of our workplace leaders. In 2009, Fujibo Ehime Co., Ltd. obtained ISO 14001 certification. In addition to a system constructed for monitoring requirements related to laws and regulations, as well as the previously-obtained ISO 9001 certification, it has been working on “3R (reduce, reuse and recycle)” for the materials purchased by its factories and waste materials generated by them in collaboration with the manufacturing department to perform environmentally-friendly factory activities. In 2008 and 2012, it enhanced the drainage facilities at the Nyugawa Factory to cope with the increase in the production volume of polishing pads. These facilities are strictly controlled according to the factory’s voluntary standards that even surpass the Water Quality Pollution Control Act and the Law Concerning Special Measures for the Conservation of the Environment of the Seto Inland Sea (the Seto Inland Sea Act). In addition, a new environmentally-friendly factory was constructed in 2016 at the Yanai Factory, where chemical industrial products are produced. The Fujibo Group is actively investing in equipment for protecting the beautiful environment of the Seto Inland Sea.

The Jisagawa river flows very near the Takefu Factory of Yanai Chemical Industry, Co., Ltd., where Tomiyo freshwater fish and Baikamo (literally “plum-blossom algae”), which can grow in colonies only in clean water, can be found. The water in Jisagawa Well at the riverside is certified as excellent drinking water of Fukui Prefecture. Located in this beautiful natural environment, the wastewater from the factory is purified with the utmost care to conserve the valuable nature forever.

Yanai Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., has been in Yanai City since the company was founded, 80 years ago, and earned the right to name the martial arts hall Fujibo Yanai Chemical Martial Arts Hall. They contribute to the development of the community and are valued by the local residents.