We strive to contribute to resolving social challenges and creating a sustainable society for people and the earth to grow together in good health.

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Strive for sustainable growth and a group that keeps creating high added value.

As the Fujibo Group's business exists not only alongside customers but also ESG (Environment, Social and Governance), and we aim for sustainable growth through a management style that takes each area into consideration.

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Sustainability Report

As a tool for disclosing non-financial information (ESG information), this report discloses information on CSR (corporate social responsibility) initiatives that contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

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Sustainability Management

We established the ESG Committee in April 2021 to ensure that ESG leads to mid to long-term improvement in corporate values and promotes sustainable growth. It will take the lead in addressing the Group's diverse ESG challenges.

Materiality /
Key Issues

We set ESG priority issues (materiality) for continuous improvement in corporate values and strive to contribute to shareholders and investors, customers, business partners, local communities and each employee.

Information Disclosure Based on the TCFD Recommendations

The Fujibo Group supports TCFD and will contribute to creating a sustainable society.


Protect the beautiful environment of the Seto Inland Sea

Our business depends on rich water resources, mainly of the Seto Inland Sea. We are making efforts to reduce environmental loads on water resources considering our dependence on water and the natural blessings that provide for it.


Respect diversity and human rights, contribute to the local community

The Group will work to realize a better society while respecting diversity regardless of gender, age or nationality, providing opportunities to demonstrate capabilities, and promoting the improvement of the working environment, as well as actively connecting with various stakeholders.


Ensure management transparency and strengthen internal control

We strive to improve our corporate values by ensuring transparency and effectiveness of the company and adopting a management approach that seeks to earn the trust of stakeholders.

The FUKU-NO-WA Project

Promote recycling of resources through reuse of clothing

The Fujibo Group is promoting SDGs management and the entire Group is working to achieve SDGs as one of the social contributions. This feature article introduces an example of our efforts to solve social challenges such as the "FUKU-NO-WA Project" activity of recycling resources through reuse of clothing.

ESG Data