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Leading the future with high value organic materials technology.

Since the establishment of our Company named after Mt. Fuji, we apply all the technological capabilities we have cultivated with a flexible mindset and connect it to our business with a new perspective. We will continue to pursue new technologies and always lead the industry. This is our innovation spirit, "The Focus on Innovation." Never stuck in the past, never stick to the present. Be more dynamic and ambitious toward a world of endless innovation. Raising our corporate mark with determination "Challenge on Innovation," Fujibo Group keeps challenging the future.

  • About Us

    The Fujibo Group will support various companies that play an active part on the global stage, based on the innovative spirit that has passed on since its foundation.

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  • Our Business

    The Fujibo Group is active in four business domains: "Polishing Pad Business," "Industrial Chemicals Business," "Lifestyle Apparel Business" and "Chemical Products Business." We have been working on the development and manufacturing of high-value added products with the aim of becoming the "outstanding No.1 player in a niche segment."

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  • Main Locations

    The production factories of the Group companies all have vast premises and cutting-edge equipment. We value relationships with the local communities and place contribution to society and the regional environment at the core as a company.

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  • Contact

    If you have any questions, please click here to contact us.

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