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The Business domain of the Fujibo Group consists of four areas; polishing pads, chemical industrial products, lifestyle apparel and other businesses. Under the control of Fujibo Holdings, each business corporation makes its own management decisions, promptly responds to market needs and changes in the environment and supplies products and services of higher quality in a timely manner.

  • Advanced technology for high-precision polishing of IT devices essential for IoT (Internet of Things) which is ever more important in the modern society. What makes this possible is our technology for producing quality–stable high-performance polishing pads. Fujibo produces world-class, high-grade polishing pads from our technologies and product development spirit that have been cultivated over the years.
  • With our expertise in organic synthesis cultivated over many years, our chemical industrial product business is growing significantly through a contract base to manufacture organic synthesis intermediates, such as raw materials for medicines, agricultural chemicals, electronic materials, and functional chemicals commissioned by leading chemical manufacturers. By leveraging high quality and high-mix, low-volume quick production, we have gained an excellent reputation.
  • In step with the rapid expansion of Japanese industries, we have expanded our textile business from spinning to textiles and apparel. We are also committed to establishing a new field named “textile solution business,” which goes beyond the existing business model and realizes user product visions, based on our unconventional ideas and technological capabilities cultivated over the years.
  • Export of vehicles and automotive components. Manufacturing and sales of chemical products, recovery and refining of used solvents, etc. “never-ending future” with an innovative spirit.