Development and Prototyping of Functional Fibers

We have created various special fibers and functional fibers under the slogan of "turning ideas into textiles" such as luminous fiber that makes use of our unique kneading technology, photosensitive thread that changes color through UV light and fiber that becomes highly adhesive when heated. We also respond flexibly to small-lot productions and short delivery times to meet the needs of customers who want to make such yarns.

Fiber kneaded into thermoplastic synthetic resin

Development and prototyping of kneaded fiber, functional fiber, chemical fiber

Product overview

  1. Covering from prototyping to mass production (OEM production) of original kneaded products.
  2. Available for staple, multifilament and monofilament
  3. Available for core-sheath structured fiber and modified cross section fiber


  • Staple 1.4dtex - 6.7dtex, etc.
  • Multifilament 56dtex / 24f, 83dtex / 36f, etc.
  • Monofilament φ0.18mm - φ1.0mm, etc.


  • PET, NY, PBT, PP, PE, etc.

*In addition to the above, we can also provide a wide range of fineness and materials. Please feel free to contact us.


  • Functional nonwoven fabric, functional clothes, fishing nets, floor mats, toys, etc.

Manufacturing and sale of fluorine monofilament

Corrosion-resistant and high-temperature spinning equipment enables the company to manufacture and sell φ0.18mm - φ1.0mm PFA/ETFE fluorine monofilament. Modified cross section fiber is also available.

Product overview

  • Chemical resistance: Highly resistant to most chemicals including strong acid and strong alkaline
  • Flame resistance: UL-approved 94V-0 flame resistance
  • Weather resistance: Resistant to UV light and can be used outdoor for a long period
  • Application: Demister, filter, etc.

*Monofilaments of other materials are also available

Contact Information

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