Medium-Term Management Plan

The Fujibo Group is currently implementing its medium-term management plan, "Zokyo 21-25" (from FY2021 to FY2025). In this plan, Fujibo will pursue "Earning, Growth, and Profitability" along with social contribution and integrity to further establish the Company's sustainability management. Specifically, the Company will steadily implement measures to be taken over the medium term to bridge the gap between the Company's desirable future position in 2025, and its current forecasted status in 2025.

Zokyo 21-25

Aim to become the dominant "outstanding No.1 player in a niche segment" by continuing and fortifying:

(1) "Zo" : Increase revenue opportunities
Specialize and advance into high-growth, high profit business areas

(2) "Kyo" : Strengthen the value proposition
Adopt an "advanced contracting business" style with focus on providing solutions.

(3) Reform operation process by continuing and fortifying digital transformation (DX)
Significantly improve productivity by promoting the sophistication of the entire supply chain with digital technology

With these efforts, the Company will strengthen its ability to generate profit.

Medium-Term Management Plan

"Zokyo 21-25" (FY2021 to FY2025)

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