Sustainability Management

Basic Policy

The Fujibo Group implements "sustainability management" that incorporates sustainability at the core of our business strategy.

The Group's sustainability management is characterized by achieving sustainability through a well-balanced implementation of "profit-making," growth, profitability, social contribution, and fair and transparent SDGs management founded on integrity.

Financial profitability is necessary for a company to pay dividends to shareholders and achieve sustainable growth. It is also important to build strong relationships with stakeholders as a company that is more trusted by society.
The Fujibo Group will continue to strive for sustainable enhancement of corporate value.

The Fujibo Group's Sustainability Management

Sustainability Management System

Today, the world faces many serious social challenges, including climate change, and society increasingly expects companies to lead the way in solving these problems. Against this backdrop, we established the ESG Committee in April 2021 with the start of our Medium-term Management Plan "Zokyo 21-25" to address key issues related to the SDGs and to promote sustainability management throughout the Group.

The ESG Committee is chaired by the President and consists of three subcommittees: the Environmental Subcommittee, the Social Subcommittee, and the Governance Subcommittee.

The Committee plans to make recommendations to ensure that the Group responds appropriately to sustainability issues and that its sustainability efforts lead to medium- and long-term improvements in corporate value.

Under the new structure, each subcommittee addresses various issues related to the promotion of sustainability and reports to the ESG Committee, the Executive Committee, and the Board of Directors, depending on the importance of the issue.

As such, the Board of Directors makes final decisions on important policies and measures related to overall management, and oversees and supervises the Management Committee and ESG Committee.

Although the Polishing Pad Business, Industrial Chemicals Business, Lifestyle Apparel Business and other businesses have different requirements for sustainability, we proactively tackle them from the perspective of risks and opportunities.

The Fujibo Group's Sustainability Management System

ESG Basic Policy

We are committed to realizing a more prosperous and sustainable future for people, society, and the global environment.

Environmental Policy

In order to realize a sustainable global environment, the Group will respond to climate change, consider biodiversity, and promote a recycling- based society through the effective use of resources and energy.

In addition, the Group will establish an environmental management system to achieves the above goals and will further strengthen our environmental conservation initiatives in compliance with environmental laws and regulations.

Social Policy

The Group will work to realize a better society while respecting individuals regardless of gender, age or nationality. Additionally, providing opportunities to demonstrate capabilities, and promoting the improvement of the working environment, as well as actively connecting with various stakeholders.

The Group will also actively engage in community activities and help to solve social challenges as a member of the local community.

Governance Policy

In accordance with the Fujibo Group Charter of Conduct, the Group will further enhance management transparency and maintain a management oversight function to prevent accidents and fraud, with the aim of achieving sustainable growth.

In addition, the Group will strengthen its business risk management system, including those of its group companies, and further promote BCP (Business Continuity Plan) against disasters.

Roadmap to the "Desirable Future Position" of Fujibo Group

The Fujibo Group has formulated and implemented five Medium-term Management Plans ("Henshin 06-10," "Toppa 11-13," "Maishin 14-16," "Kasoku 17-20" and "Zokyo 21-25") since 2006 to resolve management challenges of the time.

At present, we are aiming to strengthen our ability to generate profit through fair and transparent management based on growth, profitability, social contribution, and integrity, which are the characteristics of the Group's sustainability management, and once again aim to become "an outstanding No.1 player in a niche segment" and an irreplaceable sustainable company for people, society, and the environment.

Roadmap to the "Desirable Future Position" of Fujibo Group