The Fujibo Group and SDGs

The Fujibo Group, which promotes SDGs management, is working groupwide on achieving SDGs as one of its social contributions. In this special feature, we will introduce an example of our ongoing efforts to solve social challenges of resource recycling through a clothes reuse activity, the "FUKU-NO-WA Project."

What is the FUKU-NO-WA Project?

It is an activity to reuse usable clothes donated by companies and individuals, sell them to domestic or foreign specialized dealers or at the "FUKU-NO-WA Marche," and donate the sales proceeds to para-sport associations. This project was hosted and managed by SANKEI SHIMBUN CO.,LTD. and selected as a "model business for sustainable use of resources" by the Environmental Bureau of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in 2016 and 2017. The Fujibo Group agrees with the purpose of the activity and joins it as an official partner.

Five SDGs We are Working on through the FUKU-NO-WA Project

The FUKU-NO-WA Project supports the principles of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and aims to contribute to 5 goals out of 17 goals through the promotion of reuse of clothes.

Reuse and Recycle to the Maximum Extent

In the FUKU-NO-WA Project, we regularly check whether donated clothes are reusable. Then we sell some of the donated clothes at the "FUKU-NO-WA Marche" in Japan, and the others are sent to more than 15 countries such as India, Pakistan, or Cambodia after being sorted in a factory in Malaysia, and resold at clothing markets. Unmarketable clothes are sent to factories and recycled into rags or other products.

Toward the Realization of an Inclusive Society

As an official partner of the FUKU-NO-WA Project, Fujibo Holdings regularly collects clothes to be donated to the project at its Tokyo Headquarters. We also contribute to the initiative in a variety of ways, such as supplying clothing developed throughout the selling process for charity sale events. Proceeds from the events are used to cover the cost of making uniforms for Japan's para-sports national teams, as well as lecturer fees for para-sports players who are sent to schools and other groups participating in FUKU-NO-WA activities.