Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Greenhouse gases emitted by the Fujibo Group are only energy-related CO₂ and nonenergy related CO₂, with no emissions of methane, dinitrogen monoxide, or other gases. Greenhouse gas emissions in FY2020 was 51 thousand tons of CO₂ (down by 1.9% from the previous fiscal year). (Energy-related CO₂: 44 thousand tons, and non-energy related CO₂: 7 thousand tons)

In addition, we are actively carrying out the reorganization of our business sites and "scrap-and-build" (expansion and removal) within the site, and we are working to reduce energy consumption, including streamlining our production facilities and introducing energy-saving equipment. As a result, while greenhouse gas emissions by fiscal year have remained unchanged, the amount of greenhouse gas emissions per energy usage has been declining since FY2015.

Production is expected to increase in the future. However, we will work on further reducing greenhouse gas emissions by actively promoting a switch to renewable energy.

Efforts to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

B.V.D. Packaging

From 2021, Fujibo Apparel has switched all packaging materials used for its flagship products to "Green Nano" packaging. "Green Nano" is a new environmental material developed by a venture company launched by Tokyo University of Science. By adding only 3% of this material to conventional plastic raw materials, we can reduce CO₂ emissions by as much as 60% during combustion. We estimate that this will lead to reduction of CO₂ emissions by approximately 23 tons over the period between April 2021 and March 2022.

Other Environmental Initiatives