Anti-Bribery Policy/Tax Governance

Anti-Bribery Policy

The Fujibo Group recognizes bribery as a serious risk factor that undermines corporate credibility. We focus on preventing any form of corruption, including bribery, collusion, embezzlement and breach of trust, and ensuring a sound business environment. We have established the following "Fujibo Group Anti-Bribery Policy" to ensure thorough compliance with anti-bribery laws and internal regulations applicable in the countries and regions where we conduct business, and to demonstrate ethical and honest behavior. We request all officers, employees and business partners to thoroughly abide by this policy.

Fujibo Group Anti-Bribery Policy

1. Prohibition of bribery

The Group will not give, offer or promise bribes to any person, directly or indirectly, and will neither accept bribes.

2. Appropriate approval procedures and post factum confirmation procedures

The Group will make payments to public officials following the appropriate approval procedures, and conduct appropriate post factum confirmation such as monitoring the status of compliance of this Policy through internal audits.

3. Establishment of an anti-bribery promotion system

Through trainings, etc., the Group will ensure full understanding and compliance with laws and regulations relating to bribery and this Policy.

4. Bribery risk assessment and control procedures

The Group will conduct risk assessment related to anti-bribery laws and regulations, and establish and operate risk-appropriate control procedures. When commencing transactions with a new business partner or at the time of an M&A, etc., the Group will carry out a preliminary assessment of the counterparty according to bribery risk.

5. Keeping of records and maintaining financial control

The Group will maintain records and financial control to ensure accountability in compliance with anti-bribery laws and regulations and this Policy. In addition, the Group will periodically review this Policy and its compliance procedures, and make the appropriate revisions and improvements as necessary.

6. Penalties

In the event that an officer or employee violates anti-bribery laws or regulations or this Policy, the Group will carry out the necessary investigation properly and promptly, and will take the appropriate punitive action against the violating party in accordance with the internal regulations of each Group company.

Tax Governance

Maintaining and improving tax governance is essential for enhancing corporate value. We strive to improve our governance system through initiatives such as sharing information on tax issues in cooperation with group companies and departments, and reporting on the status of tax enforcement.

Other Corporate Governance Initiatives