Human Resource Development

The Fujibo Group aims for becoming the "outstanding No. 1 player in a niche segment" as its long-term vision. For this vision, we believe that employees are our corporate assets and have established an organization to promote human resource development since 2010. We provide employees with well-developed education and training depending on their career to support their growth that would help us develop skilled human resources from among employees.

Human Resource Development Policy

1. Develop problem-solving human resources

We provide well-developed career training to actively support employees to develop themselves into problem-solvers. After joining the company, the Human Resources Department and the department unit together to provide OJT, and then provide the employee with opportunities to solve problems and understand customer needs on the job site, as well as various training by the Human Resources Department, to prepare for promotion to managerial positions. We also fairly evaluate the knowledge, skills and attitudes of mid-career hires and actively help them get promoted to management.

2. Develop globally competent resources

In order to develop globally competent human resources, we provide language training covering mainly English, Chinese (including Taiwanese) and Thai, and also offer language study programs in various countries to achieve higher personal development goals.

3. Develop next-generation leaders

In order to realize a sustainable corporate management, we develop next-generation leaders to be able to have balanced capabilities and insights by giving them experience in leading a small group at first and gradually bigger groups or a subsidiary.

Investment in Human Capital

We consider human capital as the core of corporate value. Investment in human resources is fundamental to the sustainable growth of the company, and we actively provide education and training opportunities to draw out and enhance the knowledge, skills and abilities of individuals. We are committed to enhancing the capabilities of each and every one of our employees to realize a sustainable way of working.

Improvement of Education and Training Programs

The Group supports employees' growth through various training programs. Training programs include education and training and next-generation development, as well as mental health education such as workplace safety education, environmental education and self-development. In addition to human resource development and work-related training, we are also increasing opportunities for education while taking into account the work environment and employees' health.

List of Training Programs

  • Special trainings (managers, junior staff and mid-level employees)
  • Distance learning courses for self-development
  • Training on improvement of sales skills and enhancement of numerical sense
  • Language lessons (TOEIC ,Test of Chinese Proficiency, HSK)
  • Overseas language study programs (English)
  • Learning sessions at each workplace
  • Business career certification

Other Social Initiatives